Brave Helps Streamers Earn Passive Income

Monetizing Your Video Game Content

If you’re on the video game live streaming / content creating journey, then there’s a good chance you’re in it to hopefully score some subscriptions and donations from people who enjoy your entertainment (that’s not to say, you aren’t doing it for the sheer love of video games and community–I think that’s why anyone becomes a content creator–to share.)

So, if you’re on this journey and are hoping to make a little money on the side, my advice is to never leave money on the table. Every opportunity you can get that works and is worth your time to implement, should be implemented. But don’t worry about having to find out about these things yourself. You can always subscribe to our newsletter, but if e-mail subscriptions aren’t your type of jam, then feel free to just periodically check our “Guides” section, which outlines our latest posts regarding upgrading content creation.

Brave Creators Create Passive Income

A quick and easy way to add passive income to your video game content creation revenue is by becoming a Brave creator.

What does it mean to be a Brave creator? Not much. There’s no extensive application process. Just a simple website log-in and quick integration of your related social channels (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) This simple process will enable you to receive extra donations from users of the Brave web browser. 

The Brave web browser is innovative in that it allows its users to earn BAT (a cryptocurrency that is exchangeable for $FIAT at anytime.) The users are then able to distribute their BAT to creators whose streams, channels, or websites that they visit often or choose to tip. On the flip side, users are also able to cash out their BAT to their own wallets–instead of tipping content creators.

If you’re already setting up donations on your stream with hopes that someone will bless your stream with a few dollars, then setting up yourself as a Brave creator couldn’t hurt (it actually sounds pretty cool if you ask me.) 

Even if you don’t end up getting tips for your stream, Twitter and Reddit comments, or other content creation channels, then you can still earn by using the Brave platform and opting in to get paid to view ads. For scale, I’ve racked up over $50 in just ads (not including tips or donations from other Brave users) throughout the course of a year, so there’s actually potential for passive income.

Set Up Your Wallet & More

Becoming a Brave creator and downloading the Brave web browser will have you go through the steps of creating an account, and creating and connecting an Uphold wallet which is used to store your BAT cryptocurrency and exchange it for other currencies like USD, digital gold, or other cryptocurrencies. 

Brave creators have no cap on how much they can earn (the web browser feature of viewing paid ads, however, is capped to 5 ads per hour.) Because of the relatively simple process of setting up yourself as a Brave creator and the ability to earn money immediately, Brave stands out as a crucial monetization channels for all video game content creators to get on.

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