Creators, Let Your Hashtags Reach More Users With #RiseDecoded

An Amazingly Underrated Hashtag Research Tool

#RISE DECODED is a website that I discovered a couple years ago, and I’ve been impressed with it ever since. It’s a mostly free tool (you can pay for premium features, but they’re mostly unnecessary if you’re patient enough to wait out the longer wait times of having a free membership), but is just as strong as any paid premium tag research application.

I personally use this tool for all of my hash tag needs across several different niches because I find #RISE DECODED’s data analysis to be accurate and effective, and I also find that the application’s UI is made with love and care, unlike other similar tools on the market.

Features of #RISE DECODED

Upon opening the #RISE DECODED interface, the user is met with the option to use search for one or several keywords (our #hashtags), as well as the option to upgrade your plan/speed.

Once the search initiates, all hashtags related to each individual keyword entered is searched for related tags, and is then sorted in descending order by engagement. Clicking on any one particular hashtag in the list will reveal extra details surrounding that keyword, notably its minimum likes, maximum likes, minimum comments, and maximum comments.

These pieces of information are crucial in building the best hashtag/keyword groups for your social and Instagram tags. Experimentation is the best way to see what works best for your brand’s social channels. Another great way is by checking other websites that specialize in teaching advanced hashtag techniques, like the G://HOSTFIRE blog.

A great starting point, however, is to take a mixture of related hash tags with decent-excellent engagement numbers, and add them to your Instagram posts. Something this simple can really take your Instagram game greater heights. 

Other Awesome Resources To Build Your Gaming Instagram

The owner of #RISE DECODED writes an amazing guide on how to create and manage multiple niche Instagram accounts under an umbrella account to create a constantly cycling and growing stream of traffic. You can find their “Niche Page System” technique for Instagram here.

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