Whether you’re a podcaster, meme lord, or other form of video game content creator (streamers, we have a separate page for you), welcome to #ILLESTTECH.

We provide users on our team with resources and goodies that help you monetize your content creation journey, whether that’s through outsourcing , promoting your content, or

Because we believe that every content creator has something unique they can bring to the table, we want to help everyone get their cut of the cake.

If any of this interests you, please consider applying to join our team, which will entitle you to free access to our premium products, free gear, and publicity through being promoted on our social networks, website, and 24/7 live stream. 


Crypto, Conspiracy, and Gaming Podcast


Dank Animal Crossing Memes & Satire


Spellbreak Plays, Memes, and More

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Becoming part of #ILLESTTECH allows your content to be displayed to viewers around the world under our growing brand. Whether you're a streamer, writer, developer, or even a professional meme creator, you can submit any content to us and we'll credit you with extensive links to your social profiles.

Click here for access to our online application if you're looking to become an exclusive #ILLESTTECH contributor. If you just want to submit content to us for display, please look at the next tab.

We help creators monetize their content by posting their content on our platforms, promoting and marketing to a wide audience, and sharing a % of the revenue we receive from ads or other monetization methods received from your content. We also sponsor our creators and give out freebies from time to time.

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