Free Live Stream Overlay #1 (Gradient-Gleam Series)

Gradient Gleam Overlay

The gradient gleam overlay was created with minimalism in mind, while still creating a theme that pops. We hope that you can give any comments in the description as to what I (G://HOSTFIRE) might be able to work on to create better overlays for you all.

The download link comes with a .PSD and .PNG file, fully customize-able with the elements that I used for your freedom. The important elements of the live stream overlay use 16:9 ratio.

Overlay Size: 1920×1080
Webcam Stream Size: 400×224
Video Game Stream Size: 1424×801

Download Link
Font Used

Copyright Safe, No Attribution Required

This custom live stream overlay is free for all users–for both personal and commercial use–no attribution required. The elements used are either copyright free, or created using one of the overlay creator’s unlimited memberships to creative element websites, which give full personal and commercial creative use for completed original projects (like our live stream overlays.)

All we ask is that you do not redistribute or sell this material for your own profit. ILLESTTECH is distributing these essential materials for live streaming for free, and redistributing would go against the policy of the elements markets used to make these overlays. Thank you.

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