Enjin’s Envoy Program and Flow’s Open World Builders Will Drive Mass Blockchain Gaming Adoption

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July seems to be an incredible month for blockchain gaming as Enjin and FLOW, a couple of the most well-known ecosystems for decentralized gaming are beginning new programs that are sure to drive mainstream adoption for cryptocurrency.


The Beginning of Blockchain Gaming's True Potential

July seems to be an incredible month for blockchain gaming as Enjin and Flow, a couple of the most well-known ecosystems for decentralized gaming are beginning new programs that are sure to drive mainstream adoption for cryptocurrency.

These are two great but vastly different programs–both capable of increasing awareness of decentralized video games to everyone from new developers, players, content creators, and more.

These programs are exactly what the industry needs in order to continue forward–guidance and incentive to create blockchain-based applications.

Enter: Enjin's Envoy Program

The Enjin Envoy program is open for applicants who are looking to become brand ambassadors for Enjin and affiliate marketers for the Enjin development platform.

As a creative, I’m extremely excited about this program, as it provides users who aren’t as well-versed in technical development or coding a chance to be at the forefront of all the blockchain action. 

Enjin Envoy’s can expect a 50% commission for every developer they bring to the platform for up to 12 months. The “Indie” plan is at $23 per month, the “Pro” plan is at $79 per month, and Enjin also provides custom pricing for enterprises–which means that the revenue from being an Enjin affiliate can be astronomical depending on the size and quantity of teams being onboarded.

Envoy’s who onboard a 12-month “Pro” membership can easily garner $474, and onboarding a single 12-month “Indie” membership could earn affiliates a cool $138. Onboarding an enterprise might even pay one’s rent for the month–so it’s a lucrative opportunity for content creators in the blockchain gaming space. 

In addition to receiving affiliate commission, Envoy’s receive a nifty NFT (one of Enjin’s many innovations) badge, event support, and access to a secret Telegram channel for Enjin Envoys.

Enjin's Also Hosting Weekly Giveaways All July 2020

Enjin has been generous with their frozen ENJ giveaways, like with the recent July 4th giveaway (ongoing until July 10th) of limited edition Binance.Us collectibles backed by a pool of ENJ.

To kickstart the Enjin Envoy Program and to get applicants interested in joining, Enjin is hosting a weekly giveaway every week this July 2020. This weekly giveaway will boost awareness for Enjin’s Envoy Program while rewarding community members that might not be able to reap the benefits of joining the Envoy Program themselves.

You can enter this week’s giveaway here. 

For the first week of July, Enjin is giving away $500 worth of Enjin (ENJ) to the users with the highest amount of entries. Users can complete tasks (like following the Enjin Instagram account or finding a secret code on their blockchain explorer) or generate referrals to the giveaway to earn more entries. The more entries you have, the more potential ENJ you can win, so try your luck at this and future Enjin giveaways! 

Create: Flow's Open World Builders Bootcamp

Flow’s Open World Builder’s Bootcamp is open to anybody and was created in order to provide equal opportunity access to high caliber blockchain seminars and courses. 

The courses are instructed by members of elite blockchain developers like (but not limited to) the teams behind CryptoKitties and the upcoming NBA TopShot.

I was recently approved into the Open World Builders Bootcamp (Starting Date: July 6, 2020) and will be following the Product track. I will also be posting my weekly developments in the boot camp on this platform.

What Bootcampers Can Expect

Participants of Flow’s Open World Builder’s Bootcamp can expect to learn about the state of blockchain technologies and smart contracts through Webinars hosted by members of Dapper Labs and the Flow team. The first of these lectures was lead by Dieter Shirley, the CTO of the team that created CryptoKitties. His lecture went in-depth on the nuances of smart contracts and why blockchain entertainment will drive mainstream adoption of the technologies. 

Bootcampers on the technical track will also get an extensive look at establishing decentralized applications on the blockchain with the Cadence smart contract language. Those on the product track will get an extensive look at market strategies and analysis for blockchain applications.

In both the product and technical tracks of the Bootcamp, participants are required to complete Cornerstone projects that will also be recorded and presented to investors. Participants can also expect business support with their cornerstone project proposals during the last two weeks of the Bootcamp. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young developers and entrepreneurs to kickstart their blockchain ideas and even get them financed. So, if you have the opportunity to join the Open World Builders program and are interested in blockchain technology, I wouldn’t pass this up.

Will You Be Part Of The Next Gaming Generation?

The individuals who are accepted to and follow through on these opportunities are sure to jumpstart the next generation of blockchain gaming–and hopefully, be the catalysts of mass blockchain gaming adoption.

While all of these opportunities take place, it’s important to look at where you stand in relation. Will you be an Enjin Envoy, or will you reap the benefits of the program’s generous giveaways? Or maybe you’ll join Flow’s Open World Builder’s Bootcamp and create a great new decentralized application with a great group of people.

Whatever your role is, blockchain gaming is going to make it to the top–with or without you. So take a leap of faith on these free opportunities. I look forward to seeing you at the top of the blockchain.

I've been passionate about writing and video games all my life, so I decided to take the jump and turn my passion into a career. I created ILLESTTECH so that others can have the same opportunity to monetize their love for video games and discover different journeys to the top.


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