Is It Unplayable? (League of Legends Edition)

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"This game is literally unplayable" has become a meme, but we're here to see if this game is actually so frustrating to play, League of Legends style.


What Makes League of Legends Feel Unplayable?

"League of Legends is literally unplayable."

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Character Balancing

Ever since the advent of League of Legends, the game has never been “balanced” in the sense that all of the characters had a perfect 50/50% win rate. For the past few months, I’ve heard gamers in my circles note that League of Legends is now unplayable due to how overpowered a few champions are compared to the others. It’s like an oligarchy, but instead of government influence, these select few champions have the ability to easily stomp on other champions.
Now, does this make the game unplayable? No. Although this season undoubtedly has the most annoying new overpowered champion releases thus far (we’re looking at you, Yuumi), this isn’t League of Legend’s worst problem.
The issue of overpowered and unbalanced champions is easily resolved by playing a Ranked or Draft match and banning these champions from being picked at all. However, when playing Ranked or Draft matches, one surely will encounter a troll and be forced to play a 4v5 game or encounter a toxic teammate who steals the role that you were drafted into.
Dare I say that it’s actually the trolls and toxic community that makes the game unplayable?

Trolls and the Toxic Community

Yes, the community is actually the reason why League of Legends is unplayable. This is actually a problem with many online games, but particularly those made by Riot Games. League of Legends and Valorant are well-known for their overwhelmingly toxic communities.
Even if I start up a draft or ranked game, there’s no guarantee that I will end up with the role that I chose due to the number of immature players that refuse to play the role they were drafted into.
While I love playing League of Legends, I’ve actually put it away since the pandemic because of the sheer amount of trolls I get trying to take my position as Middle. I don’t like playing a role I’m not good at as much as the next guy, but if I’m filled into that role, I’ll give it my damn best. Toxic players need to learn how to do the same.
So, even if one is to get past facing overpowered champions, they are still presented with the challenge of having a coherent team (and playing against a coherent team.)

So, Is League of Legends Unplayable?

While you can boot League of Legends in 2020 and play through an entire match, the game comes off as “unplayable” when compared to the game’s earlier seasons.
In this season, not only are there new characters such as Aphelios and Yuumi are unstoppable picks that can easily help their team snowball into a win, but with the COVID-19 increasing the number of players on the servers, players are also much more likely to encounter trolls and toxic teammates in their games. These factors are making the game unfun, and thus increasingly unplayable.
Maybe there’s something that Riot can do to enforce less toxicity in their games, or maybe it’s entirely on the players of these communities to not be toxic at all. Until something changes, however, the State of League of Legends might remain unplayable to many…
Let us know your thoughts in the comment on whether or not League of Legends is unplayable. We’d love to hear back from the community!
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