P5 Joker in Smash Bros Ultimate: Everything We Know So Far

Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5, being the showstopper he is, stole hearts at the Game Awards 2018 once revealed to be the Challenger Pack DLC #1 Character.
Picture of Joker from Persona 5 finishing off an enemy.
Joker from Persona 5. Image by Atlus.
This April, Nintendo is ready to steal our hearts  with the help of Joker, the main protagonist of Persona 5. Nintendo revealed during this year’s Nintendo Direct that  As true Nintendo fans know, this is especially needed after the absolutely heartbreaking news that North America President, Reggie (The Reginator) Fils-Aime is retiring in his position and handing the mushroom Kingdom to Doug Bowser, a man whose name demonstrates that we are, indeed, living in the darkest timeline.


Not much has been released about Joker so far by Nintendo, but we do know that in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter’s Pass (bundled DLC option), each Challenger Pack DLC (separate DLC option) contains a character, stage, and song from the origin OST. 

Joker being the showstopper he is, stole the show at the Game Awards 2018 as he was revealed to be the Challenger Pack DLC #1 Character–one of the character at the top of my most wanted list (next to Sora from Kingdom Hearts, who understandably won’t make it due to the lack of a Nintendo Switch port for the new Kingdom Hearts title.

Dataminers of the game quickly uncovered the DLC character before Nintendo’s reveal. Nintendo’s internal name for Joker, or Akira Kurusu,  is “jack”, and that there’s a string within the game indicating that his stage will represent Mementos, a fairly recurring dungeon in Persona 5, and also known as the Prison of Regression.


Ghostfire here at #ILLESTTECH. As a JRPG fanatic who has kept up with the Persona series since discovering Persona 3 FES through its amazing soundtrack composed by Shoji Meguro and as someone who loves to play Robin but is disappointed by her general output, I’m psyched to think about the #ILL plays we can make as the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

Seeing as his internal name is “jack”, many gamers have come to the conclusion that Jack Frost, the series icon will make an appearance as one of Joker’s special (B) moves.

Any Persona fan knows that the elements of the game composes of striking the opponent with a super-effective attack based on attribute (ice, thunder, fire, wind, bless, nuclear, almighty, curse, psychokenisis, physical, and gun) so it makes sense that Nintendo would find a way to incorporate the modus operandi of Joker’s fighting style to Smash Ultimate. 

Jack Frost, one of Joker’s personas, will attack using a version of Bufu (ice-dealing magic attack) probably similar to how Lucas’ PK Freeze, or possibly even Palutena’s side-B special attack works.

Zio (thunder), Garu (wind), Agi (Fire) probably have a higher chance of making it into the game than the other magical attributes, but they can’t be taken out of the running for sure (maybe in the form of smash or tilt attacks).

His Final Smash will probably be a clone of the other cut-scene fighters as he sends out some sort of hit to spark an All Out Attack, one of the special moves in Persona 5 which can be triggered when all enemies are fallen but not destroyed.

All Out Attack by the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5

Joker’s basic moves will probably mix between using the standard daggers to damage and gun attacks to quickly halt enemies. Though there’s nothing certain, I would suppose to beef up or make his smash-attacks stronger, they’ll be imbued with the power of a Persona along with an attribute that has an existing trait in Smash Bros, like a forward-smash with a nuclear attribute that mirrors the explosion effect from Link’s (BOTW) bomb.

Oh, and our prediction of the Persona 5 Stage Song? You’ll never see it coming.

That’s it for our updates on Joker from Persona 5 being in Smash Bros. Ultimate. The DLC Fighter Pass is already available, so don’t forget to purchase it so you can be one of the first Joker mains on Elite Smash.



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