Microsoft Needs to Increase Hype for the Xbox Series X

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If the Xbox Series X wants to compete in the console wars this Holiday season, Microsoft is going to have to step it up a notch. The Xbox has been sitting in the dark while Nintendo and PlayStation have been coming out with console exclusives like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Final Fantasy VII remake. Luckily, Microsoft has tools at its disposal to increase hype for their games.


How to Make Non-Xbox Gamers Want the Xbox

In 2013, two video game consoles were released: Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The discharge of those two gaming systems marked the start of the subsequent generation of computer game consoles as consumers were introduced to impressive graphics and features. Alongside these improvements are several games that managed to make use of these hardware upgrades like “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” With 2020 quickly approaching, a replacement generation will arrive once more as Sony and Microsoft look to release new video game consoles.

Microsoft now plans to launch the Xbox Series X at the end of current year. But Microsoft has to increase hype for their next console if they  want it to compete against Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch Pro come Holiday 2020. Here are some of the strategies we as gaming aficionados think they should use to capture the console market.

Firstly, Microsoft should launch some stunning games with their Xbox X-series that can only be playable with Xbox Series X, like Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) and God of War (2016), which are exclusively available for PS4.

Secondly, CYBERPUNK 2077 is the most attractive game for all gamers, so Microsoft should launch it on Microsoft’s Xbox X-Series. If it isn’t available upon release for the Xbox Series X, many Microsoft fans will be disappointed that they can’t play as their precious Keanu Reeves in higher definition. 

Aside from CP2077, the 6th game in the Halo series is coming this year, and it’s called Halo Infinite. The game will return to the franchise’s beloved roots, with Spartan John-117 (Master Chief) stepping his big ol’ boots back into the role of protagonist. The increase in the hype of Halo Infinite will increase the hype of Microsoft’s Xbox X-Series, if they are able to not only bring back nostalgic fans of the series but also bring in newcomers as well. Microsoft needs to convert other gamers to its console if it wants to survive in the console war this upcoming holiday season.

The Xbox Hasn't Been As Great As Nintendo/PlayStation

With the rise of 4K gaming and the remarkable arrival of the hybrid console-handheld, video game technology is only getting better. Its been several years since the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 released, getting more powerful through their life cycles. The Nintendo Switch proposed itself to be a miracle with its ability to to play connected to a TV and as a handheld device. Now these consoles are going to receive massive upgrades. How will Microsoft fare in the Holiday 2020 console war as it stands now?


$300 is that the atomic number for game consoles, it seems. All of the three major systems are available at that price, including the reformed PlayStation 4 Slim, and therefore the Microsoft’s Xbox One X (which has replaced the larger Xbox One while adding 4K video output ), and therefore the Nintendo Switch. Upgrading to 4K gaming requires paying a premium, however. The PS4 Pro tacks an additional $100 onto the original price, while the Xbox One X adds $200. 4K gaming and amplified PlayStation VR performance on the PlayStation 4 (recommended for Tetris Effect), will cost you $400, and to play Forza Horizon 4 in 4K on the Xbox One will cost a whopping $500. For a system that’s at the bottom of the barrel to be the highest in price isn’t a good look.

Verdict: It’s a tie. All video game consoles will have you paying some initial price around $300, and a couple hundred more for any added bonuses.

What Can Microsoft Do? For the Xbox Series X, there needs to be additions that will make it worth upgrading from the previous Xbox One or converting from another console. Maybe it could be an extra controller, game, or memory card, but making a cheaper-priced bundle on release could appeal to more frugal gaming fans who were on the fence about upgrading or switching their gaming console.


The biggest games from third-party publishers like EA and Activision are most cross-platform, so it comes right down to which exclusives appeal to you more. Games made by Sony will probably only begin on the PS4. Games made by Microsoft will probably only begin on the Xbox One. Of course, Windows 10 availability for nearly all of Microsoft’s major releases means you’ll play most of the large Xbox One exclusives on your PC.

According to current situation, the PS4 has the higher library of exclusives between the 2 , though this may obviously depend upon your taste. Fantastic games like God of War, Spider-Man, and Tetris Effect came out last year on the PS4 (and only the PS4), along side several other excellent console exclusives like the release of Bloodborne and Horizon: Zero Dawn. 

And the Nintendo, which tends to run almost purely on exclusives (but now has the inclusion of some cross-console and indie games.). Mario and Link are pure gold mines for Nintendo that almost everyone loves. Super Mario Odyssey and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are two of the best games for this generation of consoles. Add Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and therefore the clever Nintendo Labo sets and you’ve got tons of Nintendo-only games that were amazing this generation.

Verdict: Nintendo wins this one. Their game selection is superb, and most titles on PS4 and Xbox are also available on the Switch. While PlayStation does have a lot of great exclusives, they simply can’t compare to Nintendo’s cast of characters.

What Can Microsoft Do? There’s little reason to buy an Xbox of most of its games can be found on other consoles. It’s time for Microsoft to make more deals with videogame developers to bring exclusive titles to their consoles, or develop new, engaging IP themselves that can compete with characters like Mario, Link, Pikachu. There’s Halo Infinite, which will be an Xbox exclusive, but Microsoft will need more than just that to drive users to purchase the Series X.


Arguing about technical specifications for game systems is silly, because different architectures and operating systems, alongside an absence of consistent benchmarks across them makes direct hardware comparisons moot. Game performance and graphical capability is what matters, and at that the PlayStation 4 and therefore the Microsoft Xbox One are neck-and-neck. Some games will run slightly better on one, other games slightly better on the opposite, but both are similar enough that you simply won’t find huge differences between them.

The big change in performance didn’t come at the beginning of this console generation, but halfway through it. Both Sony and Microsoft released enhanced, 4K-capable versions of their game systems: the aforementioned PS4 Pro and Microsoft Xbox One X. They’re significantly more powerful than the first models, capable of reaching up to 4K resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) graphics. Notice I say “up to,” because not all games will hit 4K albeit you’ve got a 4K TV, and sometimes you will see a bump in rendered resolution to somewhere between 1080p and 4K, which is then upconverted to 4K before reaching out the TV. But somewhere PS4 is best then Microsoft’s Xbox in 4K.

The Xbox Series One X is proposed to have FPS up to 120, auto low latency mode, and dynamic latency inputs which should make it the top of the competition, until PlayStation and Nintendo release more details on their upcoming consoles. If Xbox wants to onboard more gamers onto their hype train, they’ll need to do a better job at demonstrating the effects that these upgraded graphics have.

Verdict: It’s a tie. PS4 and Xbox go neck-to-neck in graphics, while Nintendo makes up for their graphics in hand-held/TV functionality. 

What Can Microsoft Do?: To increase hype, Microsoft should focus on its upgraded graphics from the Xbox One X to the Xbox Series X and direct their marketing efforts on highlighting that they have the best graphics out of all the systems (and if they don’t, they need to work on it!)

Virtual Reality

A few years ago, Sony launched the PlayStation VR ($276.80 at Amazon), a video game headset designed for both the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. We actually love it, since it is the least expensive and most comfortable of the big-name tethered VR headsets. the choice of games is additionally pretty strong for brand new technology; Rez Infinite is a must-play, revelatory experience in VR (which is amazing once you consider it’s an updated version of a 15-year-old game). Rigs: Mechanized Combat League and Battlezone are source of fun, fully amplified VR titles where you control big weapons. And for a standalone expansion that heavily reuses assets, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood may be a surprisingly fun and visually stunning horror rail shooter. 

Microsoft has its own VR platform for Windows 10 called Windows Mixed Reality, and Windows PCs also can use the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. However, none of those work on the Xbox One, and Microsoft hasn’t announced any plans to form an Xbox One VR headset.

Nintendo is additionally currently VR-less, still gun-shy of the technology ever since the ill-conceived Virtual Boy. Don’t get me started on the Nintendo Labo either. That doesn’t count as virtual reality.

Verdict: PlayStation is winning the console VR battle.

What Can Microsoft Do? Microsoft needs to team up with VR developers or create their own headset and games so that people would buy their system. Because Oculus can be run on Windows, it may make sense for Microsoft to team up with them to add some sort of cross functionality with their virtual reality system.

Game Capture

The huge popularity of playing on YouTube and game streaming on Twitch has brought capturing game footage to the mainstream, so both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 feature built-in capture options. The Kinect allows you to record clips just by saying “Xbox, record that,” and because of the newest update you’ll easily capture what you’re playing just by double-tapping the Xbox button on your gamepad and pressing X or Y to save lots of a screenshot or video clip. you’ll also snap the sport DVR app to the side of the screen to record up to 5 minutes of footage on demand.

The PlayStation 4 goes a step further, however, with a fanatical Share button right the DualShock 4 controller. At any point you’ll tap it to save lots of the last quarter-hour of gameplay, grab a screenshot of what you’re playing, or start streaming live to PSN or Twitch. The longer capture length and more convenient setup makes the PS4 the higher system for recording or streaming your games.

The Nintendo Switch has its own dedicated Capture button for grabbing screenshots and video clips, but it is not as functional because the PlayStation 4’s Share button. Not all games support capturing video in the least , and there are not any live streaming options.

Annoyingly, to urge any screenshots or video clips off of your Switch, you would need to completely pack up the system and take away the microSD card, then put the chip into your computer’s card reader to transfer the files to your computer. 

Verdict: Xbox and Microsoft are making waves with streaming technology, and one can dominate the other if it chooses to leverage that audience.

What Can Microsoft Do? Microsoft can integrate multi-streaming and other ease of access tools that can make Microsoft a console geared more towards streamers. If Microsoft releases the most played e-sports and most streamed games on the console, that would definitely skyrocket sales for the Xbox Series X.

Can the Xbox Series X Compete This Holiday 2020?

Microsoft gave the planet its first check out subsequent Xbox during the sport Awards. It’s called Xbox Series X, and it’s coming holiday 2020.The system looks more sort of a PC tower than a standard console. it’s more vertical than horizontal.

Xbox head Phil Spencer told GameSpot that the machine features a large fan pushing heat bent the highest of the console, which is supposed to form the machine as quiet as possible. After transpiring the system, Microsoft revealed a launch title for the console: Ninja Theory, a studio that Microsoft now owns, is making Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II as an exclusive. Halo Infinite also launching for Xbox exclusively.

Microsoft shared some technical details as well:

From a technical standpoint, this will manifest as world-class visuals in 4K at 60FPS, with possibility of up to 120FPS, including support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and 8K capability. Powered by our custom-designed processor leveraging the latest Zen 2 and next generation RDNA architecture from our partners at AMD, Xbox Series X will deliver hardware accelerated ray tracing and a new level of performance never before seen in a console. Additionally, our patented Variable Rate Shading (VRS) technology will allow developers to get even more out of the Xbox Series X GPU and our next-generation SSD will virtually eliminate load times and bring players into their gaming worlds faster than ever before.

We are minimizing latency by leveraging technology such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and giving developers new functionality like Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) to make Xbox Series X the most responsive console ever. Xbox Series X is also designed for a future in the cloud, with unique capabilities built into the hardware and software to make it as easy as possible to bring great games to both console and elsewhere. Xbox Series X will deliver a level of fidelity and immersion unlike anything that’s been achieved in previous console generations.

But what do you guys, the reader, think? Are you excited for what Holiday 2020 has to offer in regards to new gaming consoles, or will you stick with the previous generation for a while? I think it’s gonna rock, but Microsoft/Xbox has a long way to go if it wants to reign supreme in this year’s console war.

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Microsoft Needs to Increase Hype for the Xbox Series X

If the Xbox Series X wants to compete in the console wars this Holiday season, Microsoft is going to have to step it up a notch. The Xbox has been sitting in the dark while Nintendo and PlayStation have been coming out with console exclusives like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Final Fantasy VII remake. Luckily, Microsoft has tools at its disposal to increase hype for their games.



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