Nintendo Switch Emulation is Getting Somewhere: Introducing “yuzu”

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Nintendo Switch is very secure regarding their IP, and doesn't take emulation lightly. Nevertheless, hackers and modders still try to game their systems and emulate their games/consoles. An up-and-coming emulator for the Nintendo Switch, yuzu, is starting to show real progress.


The Emulator "yuzu" Can Actually Run Games

The yuzu emulator team (also the creators of Citra, a Nintendo 3DS emulator) created a system that can play Nintendo Switch games on your PC. The well-documented emulator can be previewed by becoming a yuzu Patreon. Anyone who wants to check it out can access the open source code for this project can also go to their Github. So far, however, most of the games are non-playable or have corruptions such as saving causing the game to crash, but they also have other projects such as getting Homebrew applications on the Nintendo Switch. 

What's Needed to Run yuzu?

Like all emulators, there is the expectation that you actually own the products that you wish to emulate. You won’t be able to run yuzu without owning and modifying your own Nintendo Switch, and for it to work, that Switch has to have been purchased before July of 2018.

You can check out their getting started guide for the full details, but I wouldn’t even consider reading it if I didn’t have the basic necessities below: 

Basic Requirements:

Nintendo Switch (Purchased before July 2018)

64GB SD Card

2D Games Intel Core i3-6100 (CPU); Intel HD Graphics 530 (GPU); 8GB (RAM)

3D Games: Intel Core i7-8700k (CPU); Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti (GPU); 16GB (RAM)

What's Playable?

So far, their best running game is Super Mario Maker 2 and it is what the yuzu emulator team is showcasing to their patreons. Courtesy of BSoD Gaming on Youtube, we were able to see the new yuzu updates for Super Mario Maker 2 in action.

Most other games are, at best-bootable but with an otherworldly amount of lag that makes you wish hell was real. But hey, at least the graphics when you boot the game up look pretty nice.

yuzu Emulator playing Super Mario Odyssey
yuzu Emulator playing Super Mario Odyssey

It’ll be a long time before anyone is able to perfectly emulate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or any other large and complex game on their personal computers, especially with how protective Nintendo can be with their property. If you want to learn more about the yuzu emulator project, I would highly recommend visiting their website.

yuzu in Super Mario Maker
yuzu in Super Mario Maker
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