Smash Bros. Community, Let’s Make 2020 The Year We Stop Being Toxic

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It's the turn of a new decade, let's not send death threats to one of the greatest video-game developers of all time. It's fun to make predictions for our favorite games and DLCs, but it's not cool to harass developers and other gamers in the community.


"Byleth is Deconfirmed"

A ton of people deconfirmed Byleth because Sakurai supposedly said that all of the DLC challengers will come from new IP, meaning that they would be character’s whose franchises aren’t already in Super Smash Ultimate. 

Well with Byleth’s reveal, that turned out to be untrue.

With the announcement of the DLC Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2, I wanted to make a nod to all of the Smash Bros. Leakers and de-confirmers.

Any 40-year old virgin living in his mother’s basement (sorry for the stereotypical targeting), can get on 4Chan and claim to have his father’s best friend work for Nintendo (in the Super Smash Brother’s team too) and have word on who the next fighter is or isn’t! Should we believe this dude?


Look, all I’m trying to say here is that in the digital era, most things you’ll find are clickbait used to popularize a figure, spark debate, make a sale, or become a famous internet troll.

It’s toxic to try to assert intellectual dominance because you think you know a character is leaked, but it’s actually a surprise to you too.

I know not a single person thought it would be Byleth because every leaker misquoted Reggie and thought that the DLC would only be characters from new franchises. Byleth’s reveal blew every potential leak and de-confirm that we thought we knew in the dust for the next 6 DLC fighters.

Datamining aside (which is different from these “word-of-mouth” and image leaks), you can’t trust leakers and de-confirmers for anything they say.

Leaker's Don't Know Shit

Where’s our mecha Overwatch character or Steve from Minecraft like everyone predicted? I’m not saying that leakers aren’t correct sometimes, but the fact that they’re not correct all the time doesn’t mean that leakers really wanted to keep this one factor, character, etc. a secret. What it means is that Nintendo leaks what it wants to be leaked.

So don’t trust everything you see on the internet. Some articles that I’ve read on other gaming articles actively support leaks and de-confirms as if they’re gospel *cough* 

Nobody saw it coming when Joker or Piranha Plant was released (or no leaker had the specific details for Piranha Plant, to say the least). What we can ascertain from Sakurai’s actions is that:

(1) he aims to please the audience (Japan clearly wanted the DQ Hero, and American fans wet their pants over the Banjo Kazooie release), and

(2) he likes to surprise us by bringing something new and unexpected to the table. I sure didn’t expect him to pull out another Fire Emblem character on us.

Let's Stop Bothering Game Developers With Stupid Shit

If we take a step back for a moment and realize that we’re messing with the God of trolling, Sakurai himself here, then you’ll understand that if he wants to keep something secret then he will. However, it’s time for us to stop annoying game developers to wish for our favorite characters to be in Smash Bros (like the guy who really wanted a Tekken character in the game). Let’s be grateful for what we get or else we might not get anything at all.

The next DLC challengers are already chosen anyways.

The Fighter's Pass Vol. 2 Will Be released on January 28, 2020.
The Fighter's Pass Vol. 2 Will Be released on January 28, 2020.

Stating that these characters have already been chosen was a nod to all of the toddlers who keep whining on social media that they want their character in Smash. I’m pretty sure that’s why we got an FE character release, they’re just trolling us! (Really though, it’s probably just a DLC marketing tactic and the fact that Japan really loves Fire Emblem). But I mean it when I’m saying that we shouldn’t bother these dudes as much as we did in 2019.

Nintendo has stated that they don’t appreciate leakers, and that they are doing their best to protect privacy so that the character reveals are exciting. If you do happen to come across privileged leak-worthy information, don’t use it to gain internet fame and try to sit back and enjoy what’s to come!

Don’t fuck this up guys, or else Sakurai might turn the tables on us and the Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2 will look something like this:

Haha but seriously. The fighter’s are already chosen and we’re probably not in Fire Emblem hell. But, to thank Sakurai and all of the developers for all of their hard work on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’ll have to be better fans and stop asking for Goku to join Smash, leaking all of their stuff, and spamming developers to get their game approved.

For the second volume of the Fighter’s Pass, let’s be a little better and just enjoy the excitement of anticipation like the golden days of gaming and let tired Sakurai do his work in peace. 

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