Square Enix, What’s Going On? Talk To Your Fans.

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Fans are more and more upset with Square Enix's handling of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series franchises. In 2016, there was the terribly short and easy FFXV. Though made a little better with DLC, it did not live up to fan's initial expectations. Kingdom Hearts III came out as a rushed game, and the Re:Mind DLC feels like it should've been included in the initial release. With FFVII remake on the way, we want to make sure Square doesn't drop the ball.


What's the Rush? Don't Release Incomplete Games!

As a gamer, I apologize for all other gamers that rush developers and companies to release games at a faster pace. The real thing is, games should take the time they need to release a perfect and complete game for us that we pay a standard price for (and if more content wants to be developed afterwards, DLC is definitely an option).

I don’t believe, however, that rushing games and later developing DLC is the right action. It’s something that I’ve been seeing a lot lately, especially from Square Enix (I’m looking at you FFXV Episodes and Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind!)

I believe that game development should go the Animal Crossing route, where game release delays are accepted so that the game will be of the highest quality. That’s actually a wholesome message that I believe most mainstream video-game developers and publishers should take to heart going into 2020. As fans, we love your games and would love to pay money for extra DLC content, don’t get me wrong. But, it would be nice to receive a complete game first. 

Game developers work hard, there’s no disputing that. Videogame fans recognize this and continue to buy games and DLC that they know were rushed and didn’t bring their complete heart and soul into it (at the very least for the initial release because they were rushed.)

Remember when games used to have so much more storyline content?

Heartfelt and engaging stories with relatable characters are the best elements of JRPGs. Without it, It’ll be extremely disappointing if FFVII will be chopped up into more parts than necessary just to continue on with the game’s hype and milking it for cash (FFVII is the franchise’s most popular title after all).

JRPGs used to be epic tales with story line content over 50 hours and side content that could last much longer. Nowadays we’ll be lucky to play through a game that doesn’t take us less than 24 hours to beat.

Please Don't Make Us Pay More for Cut Content

For $30, the Kingdom Hearts RE: Mind DLC, you get all of the content that was cut out of the original release to save time and a chance to play the other characters, like Kairi, for about 5 minutes.

At the same time, Final Fantasy XV’s storyline really took only 20 hours to complete and I would have enjoyed it much more if I was able to play through the Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis episodes as well as the Comrades expansion to begin with, rather than experiencing the game non-sequentially. 

In the past, we would have received all of this content and then some without the need to purchase DLC. Times are different now, but it sure doesn’t seem fair to me that game companies are holding out on features so that they can sell it back to us for DLC (I’m looking at you, Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC that includes the ‘mons that were previously cut from the National Dex.)

Both games had the potential to be great upon their initial releases, but chose to shine after their DLC packages were finished, and only then did these games actually feel like complete titles.

For Gameplay, Don't Make One Button Do All The Combos

Tifa fighting in the Final Fantasy VII Remake

I actually have really good expectations for the feel of the combat in Final Fantasy VII: Remake. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like the player is engaged more in the combat as opposed to our last FF title.

In Final Fantasy XV, I’m pretty sure I could have ran through the entire game just holding the attack button. While there was the variety to use magic and do link attacks with your teammates, the game’s fighting just didn’t feel like I was doing enough to feel accomplished when I defeated an enemy (which all, imo, were too easy to feel good about defeating.)

Compare it to Kingdom Hearts, where your normal Keyblade has an attack-attack-attack (1-2-3) combo reliant on your inputs. Without challenging inputs, the game lacks in challenge from  a psychological standpoint, as I can just hold the button and not really pay much attention to my fight. If anything, at least make it so that I have to click the button a few times. Holding a single button to attack just feels lazy.

Final Fantasy XV Needed a Gameplay Update

You know that the gameplay of FFXV was bad in the initial release because they didn’t allow you to switch character gameplay on the fly (which I think also could have been improved on, but it is what it is).

This is a feature that has been announced for FFVII: Remake, which shows just how essential it is and how it should have been in the initial FFXV release. At least we know that they won’t mess up there, but let’s hope that every character has as seamless of gameplay as Cloud and that the fights will be engaging.

Check out this video by RDCWorld1 on YouTube that describes exactly how we feel about recent games that cut content to make us pay for DLC and have shitty gameplay features.

Please, Revitalize the Final Fantasy Series to Its Former Glory

Like all Final Fantasy fans, I have great expectations for the Final Fantasy VII: Remake. I actually don’t expect Square to mess it up this time, but I do expect to pay a lot of money throughout the different episodes of the game, and possibly even more for DLC. 

What I am looking forward to, however, is for the next main series title (the rumored Final Fantasy 16) to release a game with complete content that is engaging and has a deep story line. The JRPG fans don’t expect much, and you can deliver it under any guise you want, and we’ll pay for any additional content you throw out. If Square keeps putting out half-completed games, I don’t think I’ll be able to buy them until after the initial release, when prices have gone down and DLC comes in a discounted bundle.

Final Fantasy used to be a series that everybody talked about and could rely on for a great game, and it was probably the only JRPG game that most westerners knew about. Nowadays, the series has taken to the sideline, and I think that most growing children and teens haven’t really heard about games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest besides through Smash Bros. I’m a big JRPG fan, it’s mostly all that I play (I’ll play other Japanese platformers, sims, and whatnot, but put me in front of a WRPG and something just feels wrong to me). Even so, I hope that the FFVII: Remake helps revitalize the series to what it once was.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release on April 10th, 2020. Don’t miss your chance to pre-order the game to get all of the Square Enix goodies and support further development of the game. 

Do you agree about our perspective on Square Enix lately, or do you feel otherwise? We love the debate, and want ILLESTTECH to be a community where people can speak about their ideas freely. What are your ideas?



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