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Luigi holding a baby

The Effects of Videogame Parenting

There’s been a long debate on whether or not videogames make children violent or not. As someone who was essentially raised by video games, I’d like to argue that videogames are what you make of it and depend on the types of games played. Even though videogames I played have violence in it, I didn’t turn out violence. I see it as nothing more than an engaging medium to teach valuable lessons to children.

Paper Mario for Nintendo Switch Leaked

What the Next Paper Mario Game Needs to Make Fans Happy

Infamous Nintendo leaker Sabi has pulled out a leak that if true, will send fans of the Paper Mario series in a craze. In cryptic leaker language, Sabi tweeted, “Paper Mario going back to how it was, in 2020” which has fans excited for a new game that returns to Paper Mario’s roots as a turn-based RPG with tons of charm and humor. The past couple Paper Mario games weren’t received well by fans as the series continued to stray from the formula fans enjoy, but the resurgence of a new Paper Mario game for the Nintendo Switch could turn the series’ fate upside down.

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