This Wireless Charger Will Make Your Zelda-loving Friends Wet

If You're Gonna Use A Wireless Charger, Make It Fresh

Sure, its 2020 and wireless chargers are in. Our options as consumers for now are to get the standard, bulky black or white wireless charger that serves no more real functions than a standard USB charger… OR we can use the large set-up as a prop to demonstrate our interests and individuality.

Here at ILLESTTECH, we make it a point to show you guys the freshest gaming gadgets and gear so that you can appreciate your video games in a whole different way.

See The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wireless Phone Charger In Action

Wireless chargers work for Qi-enabled devices (if you have anything as new as or newer than an iPhone 8, you should be good.) 

The Sheikah Slate Qi certified wireless charger is equipped with features not seen in standard chargers. While most wireless chargers support 10W high-speed charging, the Sheikah Slate is unique in that it implements protection against overcharging and overheating as well as against the device going over current and voltage. But what makes the Sheikah Slate charger truly a delight is the display that replicates using Link’s Sheikah Slate in the hit game for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. Courtesy of @caoki8 on Twitter, you can view a sleek video of the charger’s display features.

To the delight of Zelda fans and technophiles around the world, those sounds are not edited in. When placing your phone on the wireless charger, the device will light up after it detects your phone (it can also detect foreign objects that aren’t your phone, so that it doesn’t turn on for no reason.) The light show lasts around 7 seconds before pausing at a dim light for the remaining 23 seconds of the half-minute. After that, the phone just charges normally.

Get the Matching Set For Full Breath of the Wild Feels

The Sheikah Slate phone case displayed in Caoki8’s twitter video is probably a 3D-printed original that you would have to reach out to a customizer for, but you can find a number of the iPhone cases online on websites like Amazon. These are a little more subtle in design and more ergonomic in terms of phone grip.

While the wireless Qi charger comes with amazing features not seen in other wireless chargers, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without its flaws. Many reviews report that it comes with a flimsy USB-C cable, but that can be easily remedied with purchasing your own replacement cable.

What do you think? Does the Sheikah Slate wireless charger make you gush too?

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