World 1-1: Testing / Introduction to the Super XRP Bros. | The Woke Crypto Podcast

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Episode 1 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast, where we introduce ourselves and why we're bullish on XRP among other cryptocurrencies.

Super XRP Bros.

Episode 1 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast is mostly a test, but we’re looking for feedback on how to improve our show and the quality of the content that we provide.

In this first video, we talk a little about who we are, why we’re invested in XRP, and about the controversy surrounding this coin (like the price suppression problem and the SEC security case). We hope that you stick around with us and give us feedback on how we can improve and make this one of the most entertaining and informational XRP and cryptocurrency-related streams on the internet. 

XRP is a cryptocurrency (#3 on CoinMarketCap) that we believe has extreme potential for growth, and we are two brothers that wanted to share the knowledge with like-minded folk by making our conversations relatable to the gaming community.

Cryptocurrency, XRP, and blockchain technology is the future of not only the internet but our society as a whole. Check out Episode 1 to learn a little bit more about these subjects under an entertaining setting.

Check Out Episode 1 Here:

Super XRP Bros.

Super XRP Bros.

We're two brothers talking about XRP among other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in a setting that makes it relatable and enjoyable for video game lovers.
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