World 1-2: XRP is the Bridge Between Currencies | | The Woke Crypto Podcast

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Episode 2 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast, where we let our viewers know why we're so invested in XRP--because we see it as the crypto Avatar, the bridge between all currencies.

Super XRP Bros.

Super XRP Bros. here, back like we never left. What’s good #XRPCommunity and #ILLESTTECH?

This upload is a tad bit late, but we hope that you all still enjoy it. Episode 2 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast is dedicated to why we believe XRP is the Avatar of the cryptocurrency space (it’s due to its ability to become the bridge asset for all of the major currencies, and due to crypto’s bullish outlooks.)

In this episode we go over #ISO20022, Trump’s Fed Reserve pick Judy Shelton, and other reasons for why we stay bullish on #XRP.

Cryptocurrency, XRP, and blockchain technology is the future of not only the internet but our society as a whole. Check out Episode 2 to learn a little bit more about these subjects in an entertaining setting.

Check Out Episode 2 Here:

Super XRP Bros.

Super XRP Bros.

We're two brothers talking about XRP among other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in a setting that makes it relatable and enjoyable for video game lovers.
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