World 1-3: XRP and the Third Bitcoin Halving | The Woke Crypto Podcast

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Episode 3 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast, where we talk about the state of cryptocurrency after the Third Bitcoin Halving in 2020, and our expectations on the future of our favorite alt-coin, XRP.

Super XRP Bros.

Episode 3 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast is dedicated to our thoughts on the cryptocurrency space after the third-Bitcoin halving and especially what we expect to happen to our favorite alt-coin, XRP.

XRP is a cryptocurrency (#3 on CoinMarketCap) that we believe has extreme potential for growth, and we are two brothers that wanted to share the knowledge with like-minded folk by making our conversations relatable to the gaming community.

Cryptocurrency, XRP, and blockchain technology is the future of not only the internet but our society as a whole. Check out Episode 3 to learn a little bit more about these subjects under an entertaining setting by relating the subject to anime and video games.

Check Out Episode 3 Here:

Super XRP Bros.

Super XRP Bros.

We're two brothers talking about XRP among other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in a setting that makes it relatable and enjoyable for video game lovers.
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