World 1-4: How They Distract You From The Law of Attraction & XRP | The Woke Crypto Podcast

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In Episode 4 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast, we talked about how the powers that be distract the masses from using the law of attraction to manifest their truest desires, and from XRP.

Super XRP Bros.

Episode 4 of the Super XRP Bros. Podcast is dedicated to the conspiracy surrounding today’s current events and how, while these terrible incidents are happening, are also used by the higher-ups in our society to hide important economic reform happening in the background as well as a key factor in manifesting your wildest dreams–the law of attraction.

Cryptocurrency, XRP, and blockchain technology is the future of not only the internet but our society as a whole. Check out Episode 4 to learn a little bit more about these subjects under an entertaining setting by relating the subject to anime and video games.

Check Out Episode 4 Here:

Super XRP Bros.

Super XRP Bros.

We're two brothers talking about XRP among other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in a setting that makes it relatable and enjoyable for video game lovers.
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